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Take a look at our teaching and learning programmes for 2019.

Let’s Rock

Trinity’s Rock & Pop syllabus

Let’s Rock! Is for all teachers of Rock & Pop. Trinity’s Rock & Pop syllabus changed in 2018. Are you you to date? Learn more about how to chose your songs, what happens in the exam, how is it marked and how can your students can get the best possible marks.

Session Skills

Getting to grips with Session Skills

You might be great at playing the Rock & Pop songs for the exam – but what about the Session Skills? Whether its Playback or Improvising, these are worth 20% of the exam – so it is important to make the most of this important section of the exam in this practical workshop for all levels.

Pop Goes The Piano

Making the leap from Classical Piano to Rock & Pop Keyboards

Are your pupils getting a a bit bored with playing classical music? Are their interests with more popular music? Then perhaps Trinity’s Rock & Pop keyboards syllabus is what you need. Pop Goes the Piano is exactly what you need to help understand more about teaching Rock & Pop Keyboards. It’s fun, its different and its not as scary as you think!

Two’s Company

Duets for teachers and students

Playing music with others is one of the most effective strategies for learning an instrument. It can help improve rhythm, listening and coordination – and it can be great for sight reading too! Two’s Company looks at duetting skills in teaching using Revolution Arts latest innovative publication, Explorer.


Maximise your performance potential

Nicholas Keyworth has years of international experience as a Music Examiner and Chief Examiner. Masterclass is an opportunity to improve some prepared music as a mock exam or just to improve your playing. Drawing on many of the concepts in Behind the Notes, Nicholas explores the context of the music played to enable performances which are more musical, communicate effectively and are authentic.

Behind the Notes

Understanding the context of the music

Playing the correct notes is one thing, but understanding the context of music is essential to interpret the pieces and maximise the communication in performance. This course explores the music Behind the Notes in the current Trinity piano syllabus to enable students to gain more marks in an exam.

Aural Skills

Getting to grips with Aural

Aural tests are an important part of a music exam. Understanding these tests and developing confident and accurate Aural Skills is often left to the last minute when preparing for an exam. This course is available as a workshop for teachers complete with an online course with loads of examples. Designed for teachers and students, it is just what you need to help get the best possible marks in the exams.

Improvisation Skills

Don’t shy away from Improvisation!

Improvisation is such a valuable skill which can help develop real fluency and freedom in playing. Yet Trinity’s Improvisation Tests are often avoided because teachers are afraid of the unknown or simply because they do not understand the requirements of the test. This course makes improvisation friendly and fun and integrated into teaching can be a valuable learning tool in itself.

The Making of a Musical

The story behind Revolution the Musical

The 2012 UK premiere of Revolution the Musical received 5 star reviews for its innovative story line and music. Find out more about this epic show and the process of creating and producing a piece of musical theatre. With live excerpts, video clips and interactive opportunities to try out some of the scenes this is a great way to get behind the scenes of musical theatre.

Let’s Talk

Trinity’s Communication Skills syllabus

Let’s Talk takes a close look at Trinity’s renewed Communication Skills exam. This assessment is an ideal opportunity to improve on spoken English and communication at any age and at all levels. This interactive talk or hands-on workshop helps teachers and students prepare for the exam by understanding exactly what the requirements are, how the exam is assessed and how to gain the highest possible marks.